What is World Pro Wrestling Hub

Unleashing the Power of the Ring


World Pro Wrestling Hub envisions to be a melting pot of athleticism, skill, and entertainment, capturing the essence of professional wrestling on a grand scale.


To bring the electrifying world of professional wrestling to the forefront of Indian sports culture by establishing a premier wrestling league.


World Pro Wrestling Hub is committed to creating a league that not only elevates the sport within India but also positions the country as a prominent player on the global wrestling stage.

World Pro Wrestling Hub Business prospects encompass various avenues such as the WPWH Fitness App, WPWH Merchandise, a WPWH Gaming Application,WPWH Talk Shows, WPWH Fitness Studios and Wrestling Academies.

About Us

Our Promoters

Promoter Sangram Singh image

Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh is an Indian wrestler, actor and motivational speaker. He is the brand ambassador of WWH. For him, Wrestling is not mere a business venture but a way of life. His multifaceted approach, encompassing respect for tradition, support for grassroot initiatives, and commitment to inclusivity, sets WPWH apart as a leader in ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

Promoter Parveen Gupta image

Parveen Gupta

Parveen Gupta is an Entrepreneur. He is a major sponsor and promoter of WPWH. He is the Managing Director of Rama Civil Construction Private Limited. He is not just a business mogul, he is a true aficionado of the sport. He believes in nurturing young talent, providing them with opportunities to shine on the grand stage of WPWH.

Sangram Singh


Sangram Singh

Legacy in Progress

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